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Supermarche simulator

Tonight I would like you to introduce my very old project, which was created during my studies. Project was made at the second year of studies as a group project. This is just a simulation of the working supermarket. Program is in Polish language, it has a short documentations and statistics. You...

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Browse Internet with pleasure

Posted by Tomasz Kuter | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 05-06-2009


We live in freedom time. Most people spend their lives in free coutries, they can make free choices, do just what they want.
The same should be with Internet browsing. We can choose our favourite browser and view webpages we like.

The problem is that me and probably most of you had some bad experiences with advertisments, the most frequently disturbing, annoying and distressing Flash advertisments. They are just everywhere, on every website.
They can suddenly show up, cover some text or content you would like to see or just play.

But we can fight with them. We are not alone with our problems.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox you can use very powerfull and helpfull Firefox extension called AdBlock Plus.
It can disable most annoyingadvertisments in your browser and you will never see them again.
Then Internet browsing will start to be much more pleasant.

You can subscribe some blacklists with the patterns, which tell Adblock extension what is a bad and disguessing advertisment.
Most people browse websites located in US, so you probably would like to subscribe following list:

If you live in Poland you should also subscribe following:

You may be interested following extension: Adblock Filterset.G Updater
It will automatically update your subscribed lists with your assistance.

I know that Adblock Plus is very popular on all the world (also in Poland), but maybe this post will be helpfull for somebody ;-)

Happy browsing!

Hello world!

Posted by Tomasz Kuter | Posted in No category | Posted on 02-06-2009

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Hello everyone!

This is the first post in my blog. I hope you will find here something interesting, maybe even that what you have been looking.
My blog is dedicated to some technical solutions used in Internet, but not only.
You will find here some posts describing some current global, local and personal events.

I hope you will enjoy it ;-)

Happy reading!