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[EN] International Workers’ Day in Poland, Europe

Posted by evolic | Posted in Events in Poland, Holidays | Posted on 01-05-2014

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Today we are celebrating International Workers’ Day.
In Poland we are celebrating also 10th anniversary of the joining Poland into the European Union in 2004.

Polish presence in the European Union

There are many concerts related to our presence in the EU, paid – of course from the money Poland got from the Union. To be honest – it’s Polish money, because we are putting some amount of money from our taxes to European Union moneybox and receive it back (more or less) for certain projects according to EU policy and priorities for developing Poland as the member to fix all problems related to over 40 years of being ruled by communists.

Poland has changed a lot from 1989.

I could say here that I was voting for joining Poland to European Union.

My way of thinking was simple – just give them try.

And I think a lot of things has changed for these 10 years of our membership (in good way).

And Union gain many things because of our presence as it’s member.

International Workers’ Day

I made special flag, because of today’s holidays in Poland.

Hummer, sickle and five-pointed stars

It is fun for me.

For some of you it could be seen in negative light, but for me it is very positive.

Hummer, sickle and five-pointed stars

Hummer and sickle got all together were a symbol of nations of workers.
In fact current Russian Federation (recently known as imperial country, which took the The Crimean Peninsula) was a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR/CCCP).

There was present a cult of workers and Labour Movement.

Many older citizens of past USSR would like

  • to the restoration of the greatness time of their country/nation
  • to be again proud of their nation.

For people from Western World or e.g. born in Poland after 1989 it is hard to imagine.

Ending this post I would like to say two things.

Agriculture in Poland

Most of you probably haven’t have sickle in your hands. I did many times, because I grown up in Lubelszczyzna Voivodeship (it is a region in Eastern Poland). Voivodeship is something similar to the Land in Germany or State in US.

Location of the Lubelszczyzna at the map of Poland

15 years ago agriculture in the Poland was relaying on easy access to many workers and many tillages were made with hands, partially mechanized. In other cases e.g. wheat plantation it was mechanized in 100%. And 15 years ago the horses were seen at the fields doing their jobs as the transportation- or just horse-power.

Horse ploughing a field

It could seem silly and old fashioned to you, but it is much more effective in some cases than using machines.
Especially it the main purpose of the certain tillage is to get more seed, which will be used as a spore for next tillages (the farmer sell the reaped harvest to the other farmers).

It is still more productive when the seed is very small, not like the wheat
And more and more young Polish peaople leave the country and move to the town and cities – in Poland or in the Western part of the Europe.

And last thing. My opinion about Polish presence in the European Union.

European Post Factum

I don’t regret the choice I made 10 years ago.
There is many good changes happened by these years.

But I am also a little disappointed some things: the European Union Politics try to give their ideas and laws to our country in a way we couldn’t make a choice and choose if we want to implement some of the laws in Poland or just want to be as we are.

Poland has different history and Polish people have different experience than the Western Europe. It is related to the times after World War II.

In my opinion European Politics should just let us be ourselves, than force us to think, behave and live in their way.

It is a little similar to the ages between 1945 and 1989. In that time Poland was ruled by decisions made in Moscow. Now it is going to the state, when Poland is ruled from Bruksela.

European Union Headquatres

Polish people are used to tolerate other way of thinking, other religions (we are mostly Catholic country), but there is big difference between toleration and forcing someone (or even whole nation) to think in the way he or she couldn’t accept.

I dislike that some minorities try to force their way of living to the majority, which lives according many centuries of achieving the common wisdom, applied in the lives of millions of people.

Nowadays the politicians some countries e.g. United Kingdom think about abandoning the European Union. In other countries e.g. in the Netherlands the government consider abandoning Euro currency (€) and go back to their former currency, the "gulden" (guilder). On the other hand Norway don’t want to join to the EU. But they are strong enough to exists just next to the European Union.

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