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[EN] International Workers’ Day in Poland, Europe

Today we are celebrating International Workers’ Day. In Poland we are celebrating also 10th anniversary of the joining Poland into the European Union in 2004. Polish presence in the European Union There are many concerts related to our presence in the EU, paid – of course from the money Poland...

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Once again, Polish Programmers are on the top

Posted by evolic | Posted in Programming, World Cup | Posted on 12-06-2014

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Today I would like to share a good news about Polish Programmers, who won the World Cup called “Hello World Open” located in Helsinki (Finland).

Among over 2 500 programmers from 90 countries, our team from Poznań (named Need For C) was the best.

It is not a big surprise that one of this great team member works for Google Poland :)

Polish team was better than Brazilian, Finnish, Russian, etc.

It is a big thing to be part of the nation, which is one of the best in technical stuff on the world, especially in Computer Science.

The facts about that statement are quite obvious:

  • the biggest IT companies located their R&D Centers in our country (Google, Samsung, Motorola, IBM, Nokia-Siemens Networks),
  • IT is one of the fastest area growing in Poland;
  • we are leading in IT outsourcing in Europe,
  • teams and individuals from Poland are placing top positions in many contests e.g. Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, TopCoder, etc.;
  • European Union needs over 270,000 computer scientist; in 6 years it will be 1,000,000!

I could say following to sum it up:

It’s good to be member of Polish nation!


T-shirt Warto być Polakiem

T-shirt Warto być Polakiem

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