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Introduction Yesterday I was watching nice video about top 5 Web UI Design Trends for 2013. In this video Mike Locke discusses about his Top 5 Favourite Web UI Design Trends for 2013 that web designer should be thinking about incorporating into her or his design work. The showcast is available at: http://www.mlwebco.com/2013/03/12/my-top-5-favorite-web-ui-design-trends-for-2013/ He...

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If you have much work to do, but only 24 hours a day…

Posted by evolic | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 06-10-2014

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My today’s thoughts about work, relations and legacy:

If you have much work to do, but only 24 hours a day
You need to delegate your work to skilled people such as you.
But how to make more of you?
I am not talking about procreation and sex
Which is some sort of solution, but long-term ;)
I’m talking about teaching people to they become more like you.

Tomasz Kuter

Polish version is available here.

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