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[PL] Jeśli masz dużo pracy do zrobienia, ale tylko 24 godziny na dob

Moje dzisiejsze przemyślenia na temat pracy, relacji i dziedzictwa: Jeśli masz dużo pracy do zrobienia, ale tylko 24 godziny na dobę Oznacza, że powinieneś delegować swoją pracę innym uzdolnionym ludziom podobnym do Ciebie. Ale skąd wziąć ludzi takich jak Ty sam? Nie mam tu na myśli prokreacji...

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1001 form inputs in PHP and 1001 items inside IN operator in Oracle database

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Thousand number was a magical for many people among the ages. In Latin it was described by M letter (lac. Millennium).

In 2000 year we had experienced year 2 kilo bug (Y2K bug) also called Millennium bug caused by dating convention made many years earlier by describing year with two digits instead of four e.g. 1992 was described as 92. Year 2000 could be described in this system as 00, and current year 2014 as 14. But what with financial or population systems? Somebody could be born in both 1901 and 2001. Because of this problem whole world was updating the software.

But attentive reader could ask about the relation between number 2000 and current time, because the problem described above had passed and had been solved long time ago. After all, we have 2014.