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Google Kraków Open House 2014

Posted by evolic | Posted in Programming, Web development | Posted on 06-10-2014

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In the evening of the last Thursday (2nd October 2014) I was attending Google Kraków Open House 2014, which took place in the office very close to Main Marlet Square, where Googlers (Google’s employees) work.

Although there were about 40-60 people invited, there was a selection before the event, so I was very happy that I succeed ;)

I went to Google’s office to get some information about Google’s technologies: Dart language, AngularJS and Workshop of the Chrome Experiments.
I had some experience related to these technologies, so I was not total newbie.

For those, who have never heard about Dart I would like to say, that it is JavaScript replacement/successor designed by Google.

I also wanted to learn something about working for Google.

Event took place between 5:30 PM and 9:30 PM.

I started with some introduction, which could be summarized as welcome presentation.

After this there was a tech talk about Machine learning:

  • where we could use it: e.g. for SPAM classification,
  • machine learning models,
  • basic mathematical background (which was heavy).

Next presentation was about Google Cloud. Technology seems to be good, but presentation was average.

Next thing was Discussion Panel (Questions and Answers), when we could ask Googlers almost about everything. If you hadn’t been chosen to ask it in public… you could ask about it later… in the next part of the event.

Last part of time was devoted for Networking with Googlers, Bites and Flavors. During this time I met three Googlers: Software Engineer from Germany, recruiter from United Kingdom (who provided me good resource about Dart) and Software Developer from Poland.

There was also very good food, drinks and wine :)

It was very good time and I had very good conversations. Googlers are normal people, just like us, but they work harder and for different projects (used by millions people).

I got something more about Dart. Google uses it in AngularDart and it is quite mature technology. I know that no company want to use/support it (Mozilla/Microsoft), but Google, but things will change. The main advantage of Dart is that it can be converted into JavaScript (dart2js).

So if you want to work at Google – you should learn Dart, but Google use also C++/Java/Python/etc.

You must remember following things: code must be testable, efficient and of course passing compilation (correct).

Once again, Polish Programmers are on the top

Posted by evolic | Posted in Programming, World Cup | Posted on 12-06-2014

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Today I would like to share a good news about Polish Programmers, who won the World Cup called “Hello World Open” located in Helsinki (Finland).

Among over 2 500 programmers from 90 countries, our team from Poznań (named Need For C) was the best.

It is not a big surprise that one of this great team member works for Google Poland :)

Polish team was better than Brazilian, Finnish, Russian, etc.