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Creating one to many relation in Doctrine 2 ORM

Introduction In this tutorial I will present relational mapping between albums and songs. In Zend Framework 2 Tutorial we had only one table – it was called albums, and stored albums data. Today we will extend our sample application with new table – songs. Each album can has many songs, but...

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Integrating FirePHP with Zend Framework 2 using Composer

Posted by Tomasz Kuter | Posted in Programming, Web development | Posted on 23-03-2013

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If you previously integrated FirePHPCore with Zend Framework using this description just remove require_once(realpath(__DIR__ . ‘/../../vendor/firephp/FirePHPCore/FirePHP.php’)); instance, where you include FirePHP library in global.php

Modifying Composer configuration

Now you need is to update composer.json file as follow:

At the end update your vendor libraries:

Now you should be able to use FirePHP using Zend\Log writer and as standalone \FirePHP::getInstance(true)

And that is all in this topic.

Integrating Zend Framework 2.x with Doctrine 2.x ORM

Posted by Tomasz Kuter | Posted in Programming, Web development | Posted on 02-03-2013

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Today I would like to present Doctrine 2 ORM integration with Zend Framework 2.
I had some problems with this, so I would like to share the solution for my issues.

Downloading sample project

First of all you need to download example ZF2 project. We have two example projects created by Zend Framework team:

I propose to download first one.
If you downloaded ZIP archive from the GitHub repository, just go to extracted project directory and run command line from that location.

Downloading vendor libraries

Now try to download latest Zend Framework by typing in command line:

You shouldn’t experience any problems in that.

You can get a message from composer, that it is not up to date:

You can upgrade it by typing the command:

Downloading Doctrine 2 ORM

Now we should modify the composer configuration file to be able download latest Doctrine 2 ORM.